5 myths about studying education online

Woman studying education online
Woman studying education online

Are you questioning the value of getting a Master of Education online? Do you worry it might not carry the same weight or provide the same quality of learning as its on-campus counterpart?

Education myths and misconceptions often cloud the true value of online learning experiences in Australia. However, the reality is our digital age has completely transformed the fabric of traditional education, making learning more accessible, flexible and tailored to your individual needs than ever.

In fact, there’s never been a better or easier way to advance your career and gain access to a range of opportunities.

Let’s dive into the most common online education myths and discover why studying a Master of Education online can help you achieve your career goals faster.

Myth 1: Postgraduate online education degrees are theoretical rather than hands-on learning

One of the more persistent education myths is the belief that studying and teaching online focuses on the theoretical rather than the hands-on learning required to excel in the classroom.

This misconception overlooks the innovative approaches many online programs now focus on the practical learning that leads to real-world professional advancement.

Through virtual simulations, interactive projects and collaboration with peers and professionals, our online university courses ensure you get the hands-on skills necessary for your future career.

With the University of Canberra’s online Master of Education, our focus is on real-world expectations, and that means tackling real-life demands of school leadership. You’ll be encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge to the challenges you face in your current workplace, bridging the gap between academic concepts and practical application.

This approach enhances your professional development and ensures your leadership development and teaching and learning experience are deeply rooted in the realities of today’s education sector.

Myth 2: I don’t have enough time to complete a Master of Education and juggle my other priorities

Juggling work and family with study can be challenging. But if you believe the popular assumption that you can’t fit a Master of Education into your busy life, the numbers show otherwise.

Research indicates that 76 per cent of prospective Australian tertiary students are employed – 44 per cent work full-time, 32 per cent are part-time employees and 19 per cent hold casual positions. Many with existing work or family responsibilities prefer online learning because it better fits today’s hectic timetables.

The UC Online Master of Education has a flexible curriculum that caters specifically to busy lifestyles. In as little as 20 hours per week, you can study anywhere from any device and advance your education and career prospects while working full-time or maintaining family commitments.

Unsure how to plan your study? At UC Online, you’ll receive personalised support from your own dedicated Student Success Adviser, who will answer your questions about the course, schedule your study, help you stay motivated and more.

Myth 3: Online learning is an isolating experience

It’s long been noted that the best learning experiences feature “high levels of student-student, student-instructor and student-content interaction.”

One of the most common educational myths is that online learning deprives students of connecting with peers and instructors, leading to a lonely and isolating study experience. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online educational experiences have evolved rapidly in the years following the lockdown. Armed with a wealth of scholarly knowledge and evidence about how we learn best, the latest research shows that online courses promote student performance and connectedness and prevent loneliness, fostering a vibrant community of learners.

Top-tier online university programs, such as those offered by UC, now emphasise support and engagement. Interactive elements, collaborative projects, and regular communication channels ensure you’re part of a supportive learning environment. This sense of community enriches your learning experience and replicates the collaborative atmosphere of traditional classrooms.

At the University of Canberra Online, you’ll also gain access to exceptional networking opportunities with top industry leaders, experienced professionals and some of the brightest minds in education to facilitate your career trajectory.

Myth 4: Online degrees aren’t taken as seriously as on-campus degrees

The myth that online degrees are less credible in the eyes of employers than those earned on campus is increasingly out of touch with reality.

Perceptions about the value of online education have dramatically shifted, especially after the pandemic.

Today, the best online degrees have rigorous academic standards and the latest collaborative learning environments. Recent Gartner research shows that driving this shift is a pressing need for continuous learning and upskilling in today’s workforce.

It reveals only about half of Australian workers (50.5 per cent) feel confident they possess the necessary skills for their jobs in three years’ time, while a mere 47.3 per cent believe they have the qualifications to transition to a similar role within their current organisation.

In response to this skill gap, nearly half (49 per cent) of individuals pursued formal study in 2022 to enhance their job prospects, while roughly a third (34 per cent) sought to improve their current job skills or fulfil job requirements.

This trend isn’t going unnoticed by employers, who now see no difference in the value of online learning platforms versus a brick-and-mortar institution. What matters most to them is the skills and abilities a job applicant shows.

According to a 2022 ABS report, employers increasingly use online education to future-proof their workforce’s skills. Work-related training rates have surged from 19 per cent in 2016-17 to 55 per cent in 2020-21, demonstrating a significant shift towards employers embracing online education for professional development.

Online accelerated learning platforms offer a flexible and efficient way to gain the skills you need, aligning closely with the labour market’s immediate and future demands. It lets you quickly upskill while managing other commitments and is proving a pivotal tool in closing the skills gap and meeting employer needs.

Myth 5: Postgraduate education degrees aren’t up to date

Sceptics argue that online educational programs don’t keep pace with the latest developments and trends in the field. For those eager to ensure their qualifications are relevant and valued in a rapidly evolving job market, this can be a powerful deterrent.

UC’s Online Master of Education program is at the forefront of educational innovation, weaving state-of-the-art content and contemporary issues into its curriculum to keep it current and comprehensive.

Learning streams in STEM and educational leadership allow you to pursue a generalist degree or specialise according to the education sector’s immediate needs and future directions.

You’ll learn the latest theories and good leadership practices through real-world applications and problem-solving exercises, equipping you to navigate and lead in your professional life and fully prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Why study a Master of Education online?

Pursuing a Master of Education online at UC is a transformative step toward elevating your career in education.

The program’s alignment with real-world demands, its flexible curriculum and robust student support systems make it an ideal choice if you’re ready to boost your skills and make a greater impact on the educational sector. Here’s why:

Accessibility and flexibility

Learn anywhere at any time without sacrificing your job or personal life. UC’s Online Master of Education adapts easily to your schedule, so upskilling complements rather than complicates your life.

Tailored learning experiences

Customise your study path to your career ambitions. Choose the electives and specialisations that interest you – from STEM to educational leadership – and ensure your learning journey uniquely matches your goals.

Real-world application

Success as a teacher hinges on engaging students and delivering lessons effectively. Get insights into the latest teaching methods so you can enhance student experiences and foster positive, inclusive learning environments. Work on projects that reflect actual educational challenges so you can apply your new skills immediately.

Community and support

Studying online doesn’t mean studying alone. Join a vibrant online community, connect with educators and build a network of other students and professionals passionate about education. Your dedicated Student Success Adviser also gives you personalised support throughout your studies, helping you navigate any challenges and maximising your learning experience.

Recognition and career advancement

Get deep insights into the issues facing education today and be ready to tackle them head-on. The expertise you’ll gain will position you as a forward-thinking leader in education.

Revitalise your teaching practices with UC

Australian education is constantly evolving; the sector demands expert teachers and leaders who can adapt to this continual change. The 100% online Master of Education prepares you for this shift, revitalising your knowledge and teaching practices to improve student achievement and prepare you for future challenges.

Using research-informed practice, the course builds on your professional authority and prepares you to lead the way forward in education. Add instant value to your career with authentic practice assessments, so you’re well-equipped to handle Australian education’s changing landscape – whether you’re new to the profession or a seasoned expert.

Use what you learn to guide and inspire your peers and enrich student learning and participation. Improve learning outcomes in education and create environments where staff and students are empowered to grow. Learn more about the online Master of Education by visiting our website.

You can also get in touch with one of our Student Enrolment Advisers on 1300 471 770.